WonderWorks in Panama City Beach

WonderWorks in Panama City Beach

WonderWorks is fun for everyone! After all, it's Panama City Beach's only upside-down attraction! Let your imagination run wild because WonderWorks is an amusement park for the mind.

When you enter the building, everything will be upside-down, so in order to participate in the fun, you must be inverted. Step inside the inversion tunnel and be turned right-side-up to begin your journey. Once you are properly aligned, family fun awaits with more than 100 hands-on exhibits.

Make WonderWorks a definite stop on your "Things to Do" list when visiting Panama City Beach.

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Tour/Activity Details


Full day admission


Opens daily at 9:00 am

Time shown on availability calendar is opening time each day, but you may arrive at any time during operating hours.

Admission does not include hotel pick-up. Rates are per person. No one under the age of 13 may be admitted without being accompanied by an adult. Please order online or call to order or for more information.


According to legend, WonderWorks Panama City Beach began as a Top Secret research laboratory on a remote island in the Bermuda Triangle. The legend says the world's greatest scientists – led by Professor Wonder – were given the task of creating a man-made tornado and harnessing the power of it. During this experiment, something happened and the power of the tornado was unleashed throughout the laboratory. This created a swirling vortex that was strong enough to rip the laboratory from its foundation. It was carried thousands of miles away and landed upside-down on the top of a surf shack in Panama City Beach, Florida! Remarkably, all of the experiments remained intact and functional.

Exhibits in WonderWorks


Guests will feel the effects of winds reaching 74 miles per hour. According to the Saffar-Simpson Scale, the hurricane in this simulation is a category one. Get Ready – Hang On!

Disaster Challenges

How's your natural disaster I.Q.? Are you up to the challenge? WonderWorks™ Natural Disaster Challenge pits you against the touch screen computer. Choose from an array of disaster subjects including Wild Weather, Quakes and Blazes, Man-made Catastrophes, and Extreme Disasters. This is an interesting and insightful look at some of the world's greatest disasters – some natural and some man-made. You'll leave with a much greater respect for the forces of nature and how man must take responsibility for his actions to protect the environment and our world.

Anti-Gravity Chamber

Water is traveling from the floor to the ceiling, or is it? At the touch of a special button that you control, water will appear to change direction! Look up! The change in frequency of the strobe lights is what causes the water to appear as if its directional flow has changed.

Virtual Soccer

The pressure is on as you enter the Holopod. You are the soccer goalie in this Virtual Soccer game. Soccer balls are coming at you from all directions. Use your hands, arms, feet and head to deflect, rebuff and deny the endless stream of black and white balls from reaching the net. You get quite a workout just standing your ground with this virtual reality sport. Reflexes and great horizontal and vertical movement skills are keys to being a successful goalkeeper. Are you up to the task with WonderWorks™ Virtual Soccer...or will the crowd surrounding you be screaming, "Goal!"

Swim With the Sharks

A blue screen serves as your deep blue water in this Jaws-like encounter. You need to be "Nemo-quick" in your ability to elude all of "Bruces" of this underwater world of the virtual reality shark tank. Swim your heart out, but there's always another "man-eater" lurking in the depths of this virtual reality thrill ride. Your heart is beating so fast you know the sharks must be able to hear it. Can you swim like Michael Phelps, or are you just shark bait?

Pulley Challenge

WonderWorks™ Pulley Challenge lets you flex your biceps. A three-station challenge, participants see the effects of sitting on a chair and using two, three or four pulleys and a rope to pull themselves up. With the addition of each pulley the amount of body weight you must pull up is dramatically reduced. The two pulley station requires lifting approximately one-half of your body weight. The three pulley station cuts the amount of weight to just about a third of your true weight; the station containing four pulleys trims it to about one-quarter of your actual physical body weight. These reduction devices used in pulley challenges are a great blend of science and physics.

Bubble Lab

Kids of all ages (1-101) love bubbles! This exhibit is just for the fun of it! Put yourself inside a gigantic bubble that you created! Bubbles do not have their own color. They reflect and refract the light around the bubble. The colors you see on a bubble actually show the thickness (or thinness) of the bubble wall.


WonderWorks™ Piano is reminiscent of the movie "Big." Starring Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia, the two have a memorable scene in an FAO Schwartz toy store as they play piano music by dancing on huge piano keys. Visitors to the Panama City Beach attraction may choose from "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" or "Hush Little Baby." Of course, you could dance to a tune of your choice if your feet have a bit of "Hopscotch" in them. You'll make music by leaps and bounds at WonderWorks™!

Bed of Nails

You've been out in the sun viewing Florida beach attractions and frankly you're a little tired. It may be time to just lie down and take it easy. Anyone can just lie down, so let's make it a bit more interesting. How about lying on a bed of nails – 3,497 of them to be exact! With your weight evenly distributed on the rigid bed, the nails rise – ever so slowly - and you will be resting on the points of thousands of nails. The average pressure of 0.04kg per nail is less than the pressure required to do damage to your skin. It takes 2 kilograms of pressure to puncture the skin. So, you get the point...and a relaxing break from other Florida Panhandle attractions.

360 Bike

Visitors will pedal their way on these tandem bikes as they try to generate enough power to complete a full loop over the top and back to its original position.

  • Must be 58" tall
  • Closed shoes required
  • 250lb weight limit

Wonder Park

Have you ever thought what it would be like to be on the mound and stare down a Major League Baseball player at the plate? Now you've got your chance with WonderWorks™ Velocity Ball. Select a player to pitch to...from Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard, Sammie Sosa, or Barry Bonds. Take your windup and throw a pitch. Then hear Ball, Strike or Home Run as the speed of your ball is displayed on the screen. Batter Up!

Wonder Coaster

WonderWorks™ Wonder Coaster gives you – the pilot and designer of this virtual roller coaster - the opportunity to create your own adrenaline rush! The Wonder Coaster gives you 360 degrees of pitch and roll motion in this virtual ride. Choose coaster segments to suit your personal preferences – loops, corkscrews, flips, barrels, spirals, drops, tunnels, travel backwards, or leave it up to the computer with a mystery design. You'll be the engineer and architect of your own wild ride as you design and test the track. This is one exhilarating ride, and you have no one to blame but yourself! It’s time to buckle up for the Panama City Beach roller coaster ride of your life!

  • Wonder Coaster solo riders must be a minimum of 48 inches tall
  • Must be 42 inches tall if accompanied by an adult
  • 250lb weight limit

Fighter Pilot

Are you a Top Gun? Do you have the ability to pilot a U.S. military-style jet aircraft? How good are you with keeping the jet aircraft in line with the horizon? Can you execute a barrel roll? How about lining up on the landing strip and bringing the craft back to the airfield? Oh, did we forget to mention that some simulator programs have you taking off and landing on an aircraft carrier? It's that little speck in the big blue ocean. Don't "bolter" the aircraft (that's a naval aviation term used when an aircraft attempting to land on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier touches down, but fails to catch an arrestor cable and come to a stop). Are you up to the WonderWorks™ Jet Pilot Simulator?

Shuttle Lander

Ever dreamed of being a part of the Space Shuttle Team? How about piloting the Space Shuttle? Here's your chance as you sit in the commander's seat aboard the Space Shuttle simulator. You'll learn about the slope, speed and directional data the Shuttle Commander must mentally process in the blink of an eye to keep the craft on the final glide path to a safe return to Kennedy Space Center or Edwards AFB. The Space Shuttle is in a free-fall, no engines, no brakes, no ability to circle the field and attempt to land the Shuttle again. It's a one-time chance to reach a successful ending to a Shuttle Mission. Do you have the nerves of steel, the eye/hand coordination, and ability to process multiple pieces of information simultaneously to make the right decisions to safely land the Shuttle? The Shuttle Pilot Challenge is only available at WonderWorks™!

Mercury Capsule

NASA's first manned space flights were established with the Mercury Space Program. Seven astronauts were selected to pioneer America's manned space flights. The select list included Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra, Gordon Cooper, and Deke Slayton. Come sit in a replica Mercury space capsule and take a photo of you lying on your back in there. Learn more about the space race to put the first man into space and safely return him to Earth.


Mindball pits two participants in a unique mental contest. Participants square off at opposite ends of a table. Each participant is seated and wears a headband that measures the brain's activity. The more calm the brainwave – the better. The round "Mindball" is placed in the center of the table – equal distance from each participant. Mindball relies on calmness to measure a participant's success. The goal is to be more relaxed than your opponent, in order to move a physical ball away from you and into your opponent's goal...ultimately winning by relaxing! So, if you're good at being "cool" and "chilling out," this is the game for you!


What are the odds that games of chance, statistical probabilities, and risk factors can be fun and informative? At WonderWorks™ in Panama City Beach, the odds are great! Enter a room filled with displays that visually show you how games of chance, laws of probability exhibits and mathematics play a major part in our daily lives. Simple concepts using beads can illustrate probabilities. Dice will demonstrate chance and statistical probability. Take an off-the-wall test to see how much risk factors into your daily decisions. It's revealing and interesting to see who enjoys living on the edge, and who prefers safe and predictable environments.

Far Out Illusion Gallery

The mind is a wonderful and curious thing. It processes perceptions from the senses and their perspectives to formulate what it appears to see, hear, smell, taste and feel. But sometimes the brain can be tricked. Visit the illusion center within Panama City Beach's WonderWorks™. Stare at the spiral vortex – a black and white spinning disk – for 20 seconds, and then look at an adjacent static picture of blue sky and white clouds. The clouds will appear to move, even though the visual is flattened and without movement. Observe the spinning vase display. Depending upon your perspective, in may appear to be just a vase, but the individual who opens their mind to other possibilities may see two talking heads in conversation with one another. You are already in an upside down world within WonderWorks™. Look out the window in the illusion gallery – the world outside is upside down, too! How is this possible? Come visit the gallery and learn the answer.

Ropes Challenge Course

The WonderWorks™ Ropes Course provides the perfect environment for personal growth and development, as well as great family team building event. Your stomach may be tied up in knots, but it doesn't have nearly as many knots as this adventure Ropes Challenge Course. Climb up and up until you are several stories above the floor – or in this case, perhaps the ceiling inside this upside-down building. You'll be challenged by rope ladders and parallel rope bridges, where your dexterity, balance and focus must come together for you to successfully complete this human spider web. Safety is always the first consideration, and the lanyard harness system keeps both large and small competitors just inches from the apparatus if a misstep is taken. See if you can complete the rope maze without losing your balance.


Closed-toe shoes and proper dress required for this experience. Closed shoes are available for free on site should you not have them. No skirts or dresses permitted. Must be at least 42 inches (3 feet 6 inches) tall if accompanied by an adult or 48 inches (4 feet) tall to participate alone. Maximum height is 6 feet 8 inches). Maximum weight is 300 pounds and you must safely fit in the harness. A liability waiver is required for all persons 18 and over.


(additional fees apply)

The Panama City Beach Lazer Tag maze is a huge light and laser Coliseum where New Age battles are fought. Vest up and face off in this game for all ages. Play "every man and woman for themselves," or quickly choose up teams. It's an exciting, heart-pounding adrenaline rush, using the latest innovative laser technology. Lightning quick reflexes, a sharp eye and a fast trigger finger will be key attributes to successfully outplay, outlast and out shoot your opponents. WonderWorks Panama City Lazer Tag is an exhilarating experience. Laser Tag – get "Vested" and "Zap" a friend or enemy within the Lazer Tag Maze and Range.

Order the Add-On option to include one game of lazer tag with your WonderWorks Panama City Beach admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exit the attraction and return later in the day? -- Yes, tickets allow unlimited fun all day; come and go as you please.

How long should I plan to visit WonderWorks? -- Most visitors spend approximately 3 to 4 hours at WonderWorks, but you can spend as much time as you like during operating hours.

Can I bring food into WonderWorks? -- No, outside food and drinks are not permitted inside WonderWorks.

Does WonderWorks serve food? -- Yes - located on the 4th level of the attraction across from the arcade is the concessions area. It features fun foods like pizza, popcorn, Coke products and more with indoor seating to enjoy your snacks.

Can I take pictures? -- You can take pictures inside. Great photo spots in WonderWorks include: The Spacesuit, The Floating Circuit Head, Mercury Capsule and more!

What is the best way to dress for a day at the attraction? Is there any clothing that isn't permissible? -- WonderWorks is a casual, family-oriented attraction. We suggest you dress comfortably. Please dress family friendly.

Is the attraction wheelchair accessible? -- WonderWorks is equipped with elevators for wheelchairs and strollers.

Admission does not include hotel pick-up. Rates are per person. No one under the age of 13 may be admitted without being accompanied by an adult. Please order online or call to order or for more information.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds. All sales are final.

Change policy

If changes are allowed on a tour or activity, a $20.00 per reservation change fee will be applied for any change to a reservation. Please note that some tours and activities do not allow any changes. Date changes can only be made only if we can confirm availability on the new date. While we cannot guarantee any changes can be made, all change requests must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the tour departure and must be handled on an individual basis through our Reservations Center.

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